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Common, Abnormal and even Customized Abbreviations


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Some Usual Abbreviations

abbr. – abbreviation, abbreviatedabr. – abridged, abridgment
acad. – academic, academyadj. – adjective, adjourned, adjustment

– management, admiral

adv. – adverb
agr. And agri. Or agric.

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– lawn, agriculture

anon. – anonymous
app. – appended, appendix, appointedapprox. – approximately
assn. – associationb. – bottom, perch, bat, battery pack, fresh, booklet, developed, brother

– germs, bacteriology

bap. – baptized
bib. – Type, biblicalbibliog. – bibliographer, bibliography, bibliographic
biog. – biographer, biography, biographicalbiol. – biology

– financial institution, prohibit, book

bkg. – banking
bldg. – buildingblvd. – boulevard
bot. – organic, botanybp.

– bishop

brig. – brigade, brigadierbrig. gen. – brigadier general
bro. – brotherbur.

– bureaus

c.a. – chartered accountant, leader accountant, private agent, consular real estate agent, controller regarding accountscal.

– work schedule, good quality, small-scale calorie

cap. – funding, capitalizecapt. – captain
cath. – cathedralcc Or cc. And c.c. – cubic centimeters
cent. – centigrade, centimeter, fundamental, centurycf. –  Latina confer = compare

– chaplain, segment, check out (chess), chief, infant, children, Latin chirurgia = medical procedures, church

chap. – chaplain, chapter
chem. – any chemical, importance of music around films, chemistrychm.

– chairman, checkmate (chess)

chron. – chronologycir. /circ. – spherical, Latina circa = about
cit. – citation, mentioned, citizenciv.

– city, civilian

clk. – clerkcm / cm. – centimeter(s)
co. – provider, countyc.o.

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/ c/o – treatment with, had over

c.o.d. – hard cash at supply, get on much right. – built-up, financial institution, secondary education, colonel, colonial, colony, column
colloq. – colloquial, colloquialismcom. – humor, get, commandant, the business sector, financial, commission(er), panel, commodore, widespread, connecting, community

– commander

comr. – commissioner
comp. – compiler, put together bycon. – concerto, consolidated, consul
cond. – conductor, made byconf.

– conference

cong. – congressconsol. – consolidated
constr. – constructioncont. – including, valuables, continent, continental, keep going, continued

And contd. – continued

corp. – corporal, corporation
cp. – candlepower, comparecpl. – corporal
cr. – credit standing, lender, creekcrit. – criticism
ct. – carat, dollar, courtcu. – cubic
cwt. – hundredweightd. – dam (pedigrees), night out, little, day(s), clicking, democrat, occurrence, length, died

Other Resources

– pence, penny

dec. – armed service esp study report, report, declension, declination, reduce, Italian language deprescendo = lessening in volume (music),
def. – specific description, definitedeg. – degree(s)

– work group, starting, pay in, depot, deputy

dept. – section, deputy
der. And deriv. – derivation, derivativediag. – diagram
dial. – dialectdict. – dictionary
dim. – Italian language diminuendo = reducing during loudness (music)dipl. – diplomat, diplomatic
dir. – home, described bydisc.

– price cut, discovered

dist. – prominent, districtdistr. – submitter, dispersed by
div. – dividend, split, divorceddm And dm. – decameter, decimeter
do. – Latina ditto = this samedoc. – document
doz. – dozendpt. – department
dr. – debit, debtor, drachma, dramd.t.

– delirium tremens, twice time

dup. And dupl. writing legal requirement essay duplicatedwt. – pennyweight
e And orite. – erg, issues (Baseball)ea. – each
eccl. And eccles.

– ecclesiastical

ecol. – ecology
econ. – commercial, economics, economyed. – edited, edited just by, edition, editor
e.g. –  Latina exempli gratia = meant for exampleelec.

And choose. – power, electric powered, domestic electrician, electric source

elev. – elevationemp. – emperor, empire, empress
e.m.u. – electromagnetic unitenc. – enclosed

And encyc. / encycl. – encyclopedia

eng. – bring about, anatomist, engraved
entom. Or entomol. – entomologist, entomologyesp. – especially
est. – demonstrated, estimateet ing. – Latin et alibi = and elsewhere,
Latin et alii, et aliae = and also others

–  Latin et cetera = together with for that reason forth

et seq. – Latin et sequens = and the particular using, Latin et sequentes and seqentia = not to mention individuals which will follow

– discussed, example

exch. – swapping, exchequer
exec. – government, executorex lib. – Latin ex libris = because of the particular ebooks of
f – German forte = deafening (music)f.

There was basically a good challenge giving you your articles and other content an individual requested

– farad, pops, farthing, comprehend, girlie, liquid (ounce), folio, soon after, franc, frequency

fac. / fax – facsimilefed. – federal government, federated, federation
fem. – women's, feminineff – German fortissimo = particularly noisy (music)
ff. And fol.

military esp homework paper

– folios, following

fig. – figure
fin. – financefl. – florin, blossomed, fluid
fn. – footnotefr.

– fragment, franc, from

ft = toes, footft. – fort

– foreword, foreword by simply

g And you have g. And gm – gram
gal / gall. – gallongaz. – gazette, gazetteer
gen. – male or female, overal, typical, genus geog. – geographer, geographical, geography
geol. – geologic, geologist, geologygeom.

– geometric, geometry

gloss. – glossarygov. – governor

military esp research paper

– government

gr – grain(s), gram(s)
gram. – sentence structure, grammarianhab. corp. – Latina habeas corpus = who people contain that body

– heraldry

hist. – historian, past, track record
hort. – horticultural, horticulturehr – hour(s)
ht. – heightib. Or ibid. – Latin ibidem = throughout that similar place
id. – Latin idem = the particular samei.e.

– Latin id est = that is


Joseph Banking companies Rhine

– illustrator, model, illustrated by

imp. – crucial, imperial, imports,
Latin imprimatur = make it again end up being printed
in. – inches, inchesinc. – including, salary, incorporated
in loc. cit. – Latin in loco citato = in a position citedins.

– inches, insurance

inst. – quick, initiate, institutionintl. – international
introd. – intro, announced byis. – of the islands, isle
jour. – journaljr.

– junior

jud. – judicialk. – kilo, kilogram, thousand
kg – kilogram (note: hardly any interval following kg)kilo. – kilogram, kilometer
km – kilometer (note: virtually no span subsequently after km)kt. – carat
kw – kilowatt (note: certainly no time period after kw)l – liter
l, lmost all – brand, lineslab.

– laboratory

lang. – languagelat. hajj study paper latitude
lb – Latina libra = poundl.c.

– Latina loco citato = on any spot cited

lib. – open-handed, study, librarianlieut. / lt. – lieutenant

– practically, literary, literature

ltd. – limited
lon. Or extended. – longitudem. – man, wed, meridian, Latin
= midday, meter, distance, minute, month
mach. – model, machinistmag.

– magazine

maj. – majormas. And masc. – masculine
math. – mathematician, mathematicsmdse. – merchandise
mech. – engine, mechanicsmed.

– healthcare, medicinal drugs, medieval

mem. / memo – Latina memento = remember, memorandummfg. – manufacturing
mfr. – build, manufacturermg And mg. And mgm – milligram
mgr. – managermi – kilometers, mill (note: no phase immediately after mi)

– miscellaneous

ml And ml. – milliliter
mm – millimeter(s), Latin millia = thousandsmo. – month(s)

– medium, modern

ms. Or mss. – manuscript, manuscripts
mt. Or mts. – mounted, mountain peak, mountainsmus. – public, song, musician
n And nn – please note, notesn.

– noun

narr. – narrator, narrated by way of natl. – national
nav. – naval, navigationn.b.

– Latina nota bene = symbol nicely, get notice

n.d. – zero day about publicationneg. – negative
no. – numbernon seq. – Latina non sequitur = it can not really follow

– no hobbies along with pursuits examples with publication, basically no publisher

n. pag.

Evident Huge selection Management

– not any website page number

obit. – obituaryobj. – entity, objective
op. cit. – Latina opere citato = during the operate citedorch. – orchestra, orchestrated by just
orig. – classic, originally oz. – ounce (Italian abbrev. from onza)
p. Or pp. – site, pagespar.

– passage, parallel

pat. /patd. – patent, patentedpct. – percent
p.d. – Latin per diem = by all the daypen. – peninsular
perf. – performer, undertaken byphilos. – thinker, philosophy
phys. – bricks-and-mortar, wwwscoreorg online business plan, physicist, physicspl.

– sheet, plural


Common, Unheard of in addition to Specialized Abbreviations

– postpaid, prepaid

pref. – preface, preface by
prin. – necessary, principleprod. – manufactured simply by, creator, production
pro tem. – Latin pro tempore = for the actual moment beingpron. – pronoun, pronunciation

military esp exploration paper

– pseudonym

psych. And psychol. – unconscious, psycho therapist, psychology
pt – pint (note: simply no stage after pt)pt. – piece, payment, level, port
pub. And publ. – court, writer, being published, produced bypwt – pennyweight (note: absolutely no interval subsequent to pwt)

– quarto, question

qr. – quarter
qt – logos ethos pathos article organizer (note: certainly no time period soon after qt)qt. – restful (slang)
qtd. – quotedques. – question

– quotation

r.b.i. And rbi Or RBI – run(s) batted around (Baseball)
quot. – quotationrec. – sales receipt, recipe ingredients, report, recorded
ref. – referee, guide, reformedreg.

– regent, routine, spot, authorised, registrar, ordinary, regulation

rel. – releaserev.

– review, researched by way of, revising, edited, edited by

riv. – riverrpm – rotations for each minute
rps – revolutions in each secondrpt.

– reprint, published by

s. – st ., subsequent, semi- shilling, silver antique, sire, one, youngster, soprano, southsc. – scene

– school

sci. – science, scientific, scientist
sculp Or sculp. – sculptor, sculptural, sculpturesec – secant, second(s)

/ secy. – secretary

sec. Or sect. – section
ser. – seriesserg. And sergt.

military esp homework paper

Or sgt. – sergeant

[sic.] – thereby during this supplier (exactly for the reason that quoted)sing. – singular
sol. – solicitorsp. – wonderful, variety, specified, specimen, punctuational, spirit
sq. – sq ., sequencesub.

– sub, swap, suburb

subj. – content, very subjective, subjunctivesup. – excellent, aid, provide, (Latin supra = above), supreme

– superintendent

surg. – operating doctor, surgery
sym. – mark, symphonysyn.

– synonym, synonymous

t. – climate, beat, (Latin tempore = in typically the effort of), tenor, tense (grammar), region, occasion, ton(s), city, transitive, troy (weight) tbs. And tbsp. – tablespoon
tel. – telegram, telegraph, telephonetemp. – climate, temporary
terr. – territorytheol. – theologian, theological, theology

military esp investigate paper

– topographical, topography

trans. / tr. – translated by simply, interpretation, translator
treas. – treasurer, treasurytrig. Or trigon.

Roman compact confirms, esp. pottery not to mention armed forces finds

– trigonometric, trigonometry

tsp. – teaspoontwp. – township
ult. – ultimateuniv. – widespread, university
usu. – usuallyuv – ultraviolet (note: zero span once uv)
v. – verb, verse, or, Latina vide = discover, voltage, von (German name) var.

– variant


Other Writings

– verb

vers. – version
vet. – seasoned, veterinaryviz. – Latin videlicet = namely
vet. – experienced person, veterinaryvol.

service esp investigate pieces of paper volcano, volume

vox. pop. – Latina vox populi = words from this peoplev.p. – vice director, vice principal
vs. Or / – Latina versus = againstvs. And vss. – sentirse, verses
v.s. – Latina vide supra = observe abovewpm – thoughts for minute

– writer, created by

wt – pounds (no stage following wt)
yd – yard(s)yr – year
zn = zinc

For the carry out listing regarding Standard Scholarly Abbreviations, please check out Part 7.4 with your 6 version with the particular MLA Manual for Authors associated with Investigate Papers.

Abbreviations from Degrees

Note: While taking companies implementing MLA layout, any frequent punctuation will be disregarded intended for deg whenever applied around parentheses, rooms, performs quotation, footnotes, endnotes, or anything else.

To get occasion, B.A. will be drafted since BA. Various abbreviations keep hold of the hours in the event relevant, service esp groundwork cardstock. acad., bib., misc.

Italics = Latin

BA – Bachelor about ArtsBBA – Bachelors for Organization Administration
BS – Bachelor's associated with ScienceDA – Health care provider for Arts
EdD – Health care professional connected with EducationJD – Health care provider about Law
LLB – Bachelor for Protocols buy an important motorcycle baccalaureus)LLD – Medical professionsal involving Legal guidelines (legum doctor)
LLM – Get good at about Law regulations (legum magister)MA – Master of Martial arts
MBA – Grasp in Business enterprise AdministrationMD – Medical doctor with Medicinal drugs (medicinae doctor)
MS – Grasp about Science PhD – Health care professional regarding Philosophy

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