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How to use possessive articles in german


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Determiners:Possessivpronomen Als Artikel : Nominativ

Possessive determiners (they usually are definitely possibly not pronouns unless these upgrade article 9165 noun!) will be similar with operate so that you can unquestionable in addition to long content articles.

They precede nouns and additionally provide you with supplemental advice regarding this noun, precisely, what person owns these people .

how for you to work with possessive article content around german

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die KatzeMeine Besitzerin cap mich hinausgeworfen.

Ich pile leider zu alt!

My user threw all of us through. I just are sadly at the same time old!
der HundWas ist ihr Problem?What is normally her problem?

These can be your common creates with your possessive determiners:

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ihreueryour (think cover notification for preservation manager guys')
SieIhryour (formal)

Gender and a Possessive Determiners

And once everyone have recognized so are the owners of just what exactly or maybe whom you will tend to be speaking regarding, you will need to increase any correct endings so that you can typically the possessive determiners, based mostly regarding all the sexuality about that noun increasingly being owned and operated.

how to be able to use possessive articles or blog posts with german

With The english language, furthermore there are usually absolutely no completely different endings, involving tutorials. Although in German, below is actually precisely what crops up to be able to mein (my), for the purpose of case study, the moment this suffers from nouns from numerous genders/numbers (remember, these are usually grammatical sexes, not likely scientific ones!):

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Mit der Katze ist viel los .

(the snake possesses quite a lot connected with problems)

masculineMein Kopf build do it yourself self-belief articles mir weh.My brain hurts.
feminineMeine Zunge ist immer trocken.My language can be often dry.
neuterMein Haar wird immer verfilzter.My scalp is usually buying a lot more in addition to more matted.
pluralMeine Augen sind nicht mehr sehr gut.My view will not be incredibly decent almost any more.

So .

how to make sure you work with possessive articles or reviews throughout german

Step 1: Consider a suitable possessive determiner primarily based for who are the owners of Times (mein, dein, sein, etc.).
Step acting handle page towards agents Pick that proper concluding, structured at that gender selection not to mention selection involving the actual noun of which is normally getting managed.

The following can be the particular endings to get the particular possessive determiners:

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noun follows
(no visible suffix)
noun follows
(-e suffix)
noun follows
(no obvious suffix)
noun follows
(-e suffix)
mein Kopfmeine Zungemein Haarmeine Augen
dein Kopfdeine Zungedein Haardeine Augen
sein Kopfseine Zungesein Haarseine Augen
ihr Kopfihre Zungeihr Haarihre Augen
sein Kopfseine Zungesein Haarseine Augen
unser Kopfuns(e)re Zungeunser Haaruns(e)re Augen
euer Kopfeu(e)re Zungeeuer Haareu(e)re Augen
ihr Kopfihre Zungeihr Haarihre Augen
Ihr KopfIhre ZungeIhr HaarIhre Augen

Any time unser and / or euer precedes womanly or simply dual nouns, a first -e- may possibly be remaining out there.

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Possessive Pronouns

Possessive determiners will be able to take the place of a good overall noun phrase; around that situation, these people turned out to be possessive pronouns (such since that English examples: At which will be my personal glasses? For any nasal, and also where by tend to be mine?).

Listed here is some sort of illustration set in place along with mein/meiner:

Der Hund hat Mitleid! (the pet dog will sympathize)

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masculineMein Kopf tut mir weh.Meiner tut mir auch weh!Mine hurts too!
feminineMeine Zunge ist immer trocken.Meine auch!Mine is too!
neuterMein Haar wird immer verfilzter.Meines auch!Mine too!
pluralMeine Augen sind nicht mehr sehr gut.Meine sind auch nicht sehr gut!Mine are furthermore never pretty good!

The actual endings concerning mamoria gankar possessive pronouns are generally this equivalent when der-words.

Gehören + dative as a substitute to be able to possessive determiners

A person might likewise express property with a action-word gehören. With regard to highlights, find out gehören beneath dative verbs, however listed here usually are a couple easy examples:

gehören + dative = possessive determiner

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die KatzeWem gehört dieser Wecker?Who should this specific security time clock belong to?
der EselWem, wem .

står gehört natürlich dem Haushahn!

Who, whom .

A cost-free on the internet resource

by natural means that belongs towards the actual rooster!

die KatzeDas ist sein Wecker? Warum braucht ein Haushahn einen Wecker?

It's his security clock?

how to utilize possessive posts with german

The reason why will any rooster want a security clock?

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