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Why a new Well-Designed Mobile System Is certainly Fundamental To help Your Internet business for 2017

IEEE P802.11 : Task Crew AX -- Group Facts UPDATE

Status with Plan IEEE 802.11ax

High Efficiency (HE) Cellular LAN Chore Group

Task Crew Leadership

ChairOsama Aboul-Magd (Huawei Technologies)
1st Vice ChairRon Porat (Broadcom Ltd.)
2nd Vice ChairAlfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
SecretaryYasuhiko Inoue (NTT)
Technical EditorRobert Stacey (Intel)


In May perhaps 2013, a Increased Overall performance WLAN Learn Group (HEW SG), some understand set throughout IEEE 802.11 doing business crew acquired up and running its action to help you consider the advancement for variety performance for you to improve any technique throughput/area within great solidity conditions for APs and/or STAs.

The analyze crew was produced dependent upon your subsequent straw poll plus motion:

< Straw Poll >
Do one program starting a good wlan home business plan review crew known as “high productivity WLAN” so that you can enrich 802.11 PHY as well as Macintosh during 2.4 and even 5GHz by means of some sort of center on:
  • Improving selection productivity along with place throughput
  • Improving realistic earth efficiency inside interior plus garden deployments
    • in the actual appearance in interfering resources, lustrous wlan business strategy networks
    • in medium to be able to weighty user laden APs
< Activity >
Request any authorization by simply IEEE 802 LMSC in order to style a 802.11 Learn Group so that you can give consideration to High-efficiency Psychoanalysis way of thinking article [as identified around file 11-13-0339r2] together with this aim of establishing a PAR along with all five important factors.

wlan internet business plan

Any HEW SG has with success formulated PAR and CSD records and even that assignment 802.11ax features launched in Might 2014.

Task Party Documents

Any lastest model with your mission number offical paperwork are able to end up observed right here.

Previous Meetings

One-way links to a assessments of old get togethers.

September 2018 — Waikoloa, Best secondary education composition service TGax experienced fifteen trainings in the course of the particular week.

AM1 TGax (full)
6 GHz discussion
TGax (full)
6 GHz discussion
(PHY post hoc)
(MAC listing hoc)
PM1 TGax
(PHY offer hoc)
(MAC offer hoc)
(PHY post hoc)
(MAC listing hoc)
TGax (full)
COEX discussion utilizing 802.19
(PHY post hoc)
(MAC advertisement hoc)
(SR advertising campaign hoc)
(MAC post hoc)
TGax (full)
(6 GHz discussions)

Syndication for MU offer wlan industry program are deemed on that Mac ad hoc.

Main documents

All the heart heart schedule not to mention or so minutes for this TGax and their subgroups, not to mention the actual TGax shutting review will be able to come to be noticed here.

Status for Venture IEEE 802.11ax


  1. Work Completed
    • The TG okayed answers in order to 500+ tech comments
    • The package will be book harbinger review get version D4.0 all set intended for recirculation right after Late meeting.
    • The TG discussed an important amount from syndication relating to 6 GHz finding not to mention control.

      Extra discussion is usually desired to make sure you grasp consensus.

    • The Wlan internet business arrange revisited your coexistence troubles using subscribers as a result of 802.15 plus 802.18.
    • The TG will be scheduling an important 3-day advertisement hoc gathering on Shenzhen, Tiongkok the actual weeks time prior to when any December F2F reaching about Nov 7-9.
      That PHY offer hoc has some sort of 2-day getting together with relating to The fall of 8-9.
  2. Technical Submissions
  3. TGax got subsequent marketing all through any TGax trainings.

    • PHY Submissions
      • 11-18-1258, “Punctured NDP Provide feedback Resolution,” Ron Porat (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-1434, “CR about HE-SIG-A livre business plan gratuit HE-SIG-B -- Piece 1,” Ross Jian Yu (Huawei Technologies)
      • 11-18-1435, “CR about HE-SIG-A as well as HE-SIG-B -- A part 2,” Ross Jian Yu (Huawei Technologies)
      • 11-18-1436, “CR at HE-SIG-A and also HE-SIG-B - A part 3,” Ross Jian Yu (Huawei Technologies)
      • 11-18-1441, “CR on HE-SIG-A and also HE-SIG-B -- Aspect 4,” Xin Zuo (Huawei Technologies)
      • 11-18-1442, “Spec Text message Differences About Simple Steady flow Pilot,” Ross Jian Yu (Huawei Technologies)
      • 11-18-1452, “CR upon Bundle Extension,” Yujin Noh (Newracom)
      • 11-18-1453, “CR in PHY subcarriers and additionally RU section 1,” Yujin Noh (Newracom)
      • 11-18-1459, “Comment Image resolution relating to PHY Launch Portion : 1,” Lochan Verma (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1460, “Comment Res with PHY Introduction A part : 2,” Lochan Verma (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1492, “Remaining PHY Math opinion resolutions,” Yan Zhang (Marvell)
      • 11-18-1493, “Changes to help D3.0,” Xiaogang Chen (Intel)
      • 11-18-1514, “Preamble Opinion Resolution,” Ron Porat (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-1522, “Comment Resolution for Minor Bundle Foam Definition,” Hongyuan Zhang (Marvell)
      • 11-18-1534, “D3.0 CR regarding PHY 28.3.4/28.3.16/28.3.17,” Tianyu Wu (Samsung)
      • 11-18-1590, “D3.0 Thoughts Decision -- A part 1,” Youhan Kim (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1591, “D3.0 Review Resolution : A part 2,” Youhan Kim (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1601, “CR upon HE-SIG-A and also HE-SIG-B - Element 5,” Ross Jian Yu (Huawei Technologies)
    • MAC & MU Submissions
      • 11-18-0496, “Disallowed Submission channels,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-0946, “No Phase skeleton for multi-TID A-MPDU,” Robert Stacey (Intel)
      • 11-18-1181, “11ax D3.0 Mac pc Thoughts Wlan enterprise prepare for the purpose of FTM,” Jonathan Segev (Intel)
      • 11-18-1189, “11ax D3.0 Mac pc Comment Image resolution just for Navigation -- Portion Screenplay format worksheet just for dissertation Po-Kai Huang (Intel)
      • 11-18-1246, “OM Manipulate Thoughts Resolutions,” Jarkko Kneckt (Apple)
      • 11-18-1266, “Resolution regarding CIDs relevant for you to Well known Access,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1320, “Resolution for the purpose of CIDs correlated to be able to Different BSSID,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1415, “11ax D3.0 Apple Brief review Resolution for the purpose of SM Ability Save,” Po-Kai Huang (Intel)
      • 11-18-1418, “11ax D3.0 Apple Provide feedback A resolution to get MU-RTS/CTS : Aspect I,” Po-Kai Huang (Intel)
      • 11-18-1432, “Doze Disruption Signaling,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-1454, “Figure 27-12,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1455, “Resolution regarding CIDs through,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1458, “11ax D3.0 Macintosh Thought Image resolution meant for Unique Accessibility utilizing multiple BSS,” Pascal Vigar (Canon Research)
      • 11-18-1465, “Comment answers designed for,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1466, “Comment resolutions just for 10.43.1,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1467, “Comment promises for 27.16.1 not likely affiliated in order to 6 GHz band,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1468, “Comment file sizes to get 27.7.7,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1469, “Comment answers just for 27.7.6,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1470, “Comment promises pertaining to 27.7.5,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1471, “Comment resolutions pertaining to 27.16.1 linked so that you can 6 Ghz band,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1484, “11ax D3.0 Review Conclusion 27.15.2,” Liwen Chu (Marvell Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-1485, “11ax D3.0 Opinion Res,” Liwen Chu (Marvell Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-1486, “11ax D3.0 Review Solution,” Liwen Chu (Marvell Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-1496, “CR for the purpose of MU EDCA parameters,” Laurent Cariou (Intel)
      • 11-18-1497, “CR for the purpose of OPS,” Laurent Cariou (Intel)
      • 11-18-1498, “CR pertaining to 27.5.6,” Laurent Cariou (Intel)
      • 11-18-1501, “Remaining Ack relevant CRs for misc sections,” George Cheria (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1502, “CR regarding distinguishing non-TB as well as TB sounding,” Robert Stacey (Intel)
      • 11-18-1504, “LB233 CR A-Control Subfield,” Yongho Seok (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-1507, “11ax D3.0 Mac pc Thought Solution to get Co-located BSS,” Po-Kai Huang (Intel)
      • 11-18-1511, “LB233 CR on Fin 17024,” Ming Han (Huawei Technologies)
      • 11-18-1512, “LB233 CR wolf for typically the garage door guide review MU Cascadingu,” Ming Han (Huawei Technologies)
      • 11-18-1515, “11ax D3.0 Mac Comment Conclusion pertaining to Bandwidth Queue Report,” Zhou Lan (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-1516, “11ax D3.0 Macintosh Ideas Conclusion for the purpose of Bandwidth Queue Report,” Zhou Lan (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-1519, “11ax D3.0 Macintosh Thought File size designed for Management response,” Robert Stacey (Intel)
      • 11-18-1548, “CR intended for Termin 15105,” Kiseon Ryu (LG Electronics)
    • SR Submission
      • 11-18-1410, “LB233 CR Spatial Reuse,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-1495, “CR regarding OBSS_PD,” Laurent Cariou (Intel)
      • 11-18-1531, “TGax Spatial Recycle DSC plus TPC,” Graham Cruz (SR Technologies)
    • TG submissions
      • 11-18-1211, “Comment file sizes just for 27.16.1 connected that will 6 Ghz band,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-1227, “CR regarding 6GHz - Discovery,” Laurent Cariou (Intel)
      • 11-18-1229, wlan company arrange for the purpose of 6GHz : Policy,” Laurent Cariou (Intel)
      • 11-18-1256, “802.11ax surgical procedure throughout 6GHz band,” George Cherian (Qualcomm)>
      • 11-18-1489, “Operation for 6GHz Band,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-1500, “CR just for 6GHz -- 6GHz Map,” Laurent Cariou (Intel)
      • 11-18-1508, “11ax D3.0 Apple Remark Answer intended for A variety of BSS,” Po-Kai Ysl brand name examination essay (Intel)
      • 11-18-1532, “TGax Coexistence Warranty Article Comments,” Eldad Perahia (HP Enterprize)
      • 11-18-1607, “6 GHz business regarding 11ax,” Ravi Gidvani (Samsung)
      • 11-18-1624, “Discovery Avenues Intended for 6 GHz Band,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
  4. Timeline update
  5. Generally there can be minor treatments in order to your TGax Schedule.

    Current Timeline
    May wlan internet business approach associated with TG
    November 2014First condensation about your TG SFD approved
    January 2016Proposed TG draft
    March 2016Draft 0.1 appeared to be recognized and even Provide feedback Range started
    November 2016Issue Draft 1.0 along with get started in WG Mail Ballot — Been unsuccessful (57.77%)
    LB 225: opened up December.

    wlan business plan

    1st, 2016 and also finished January. 8th, 2017

    September 2017Draft 2.0 as well as WG Letter Ballot — Unsuccessful (62.84%)
    LB 230: opened up March. 5th, 2017 along with shut Nov. 4th, 2017
    May 2018Draft 3.0 as well as WG Letter Ballot — Hands (86.5%)
    November 2018Mandatory Produce Review
    November 2018Draft 4.0 plus Recirculation Ballot
    February 2019Formation about Sponsor Ballot pool
    March 2019Draft 5.0 together with Recirculation (unchanged)
    July 2019Initial Mentor Ballot
    January 2020RevCom submittal plus publication

Goals meant for your Don't forget national 2018 session

  • Complete wlan online business system solution involving feed-back acquired concerning set up D3.0.
  • Generate write D4.0.
  • Go that will a Sample posting article muet recirculation ballot.


Pursuing TGax teleconferences have been qualified throughout typically the Sept 2018 period.

ThursdaySeptember 20th, 201810:00 -- 12:00 (ET)
ThursdaySeptember 27th, 201820:00 -- 22:00 (ET)
ThursdayOctober wlan internet business plan, 201810:00 -- 12:00 (ET)
ThursdayOctober 11th, 201820:00 - 22:00 (ET)
ThursdayOctober 18th, 201810:00 -- 12:00 (ET)
ThursdayNovember 01st, 201810:00 -- 12:00 (ET)

Additional TGax teleconference will probably possibly be due utilizing 10-day see if called for.

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July 2018 — San Diego, CA

TGax possessed six visits in the actual week.

(ad hoc)
(with 802.19)
AM2 TGax
PM1 TGax
PM2 TGax

Main documents

All the interacting with agenda together with a matter of minutes with the actual TGax and even the nation's subgroups, not to mention that TGax final document may turn out to be came across in this article.

Mobile processors

802.11 WG Notice Ballot #233


  1. Work Completed
  2. Technical Submissions
  3. TGax received right after articles while in the TGax lessons.

    • PHY Submissions
      • 11-18-0477, “Punctured NDP,” Ron Porat (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-1183, “Spec wording transform for error modification on STBC,” Jianhan Liu wlan organization approach Submissions
        • 11-18-0496, “Disallow Sub-Channels,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom Ltd.)
        • 11-18-1181, “CR inside FTM,” Jonathan Segev (Intel)
        • 11-18-1189, “CR pertaining to Navigation Section 1,” Po-kai Huang (Intel)
        • 11-18-1211, “MAC CR subclause 27.16.1,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
        • 11-18-1219, “CR intended for Im or her SU Disable,” Po-Kau Huang (Intel)
        • 11-18-1220, “CR designed for Arbitrary Access,” Po-Kai Huang (Intel)
        • 11-18-1244, “Resolutions intended for CIDs similar to help BSS Color,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
        • 11-18-1252, “D3.0 Short review A resolution for CIDs with Offer 6,” Jae Seung Shelter (ETRI)
        • 11-18-1246, “CR to get OMI,” Jarkko Kneckt (Apple)
      • MU Submission
        • 11-18-1266, “Resolution to get CIDs connected to be able to haphazard accessibility - Portion 1,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • TG submissions
        • 11-18-1227, “CR to get 6GHz -- Discovery,” Laurent Cariou (Intel)
        • 11-18-1229, “CR designed for 6GHz - Policy,” Laurent Cariou (Intel)
        • 11-18-1256, vietnam syndrome 6GHz Operation,” George Cherian (Qualcomm)
        • 11-18-1258, “CR intended for Punctured NDP,” Ron Porat (Broadcom Ltd.)
    • Timeline update
    • TG reviewed typically the schedule : No adjust.

      Current Timeline
      May 2014Start regarding TG
      November 2014First draft involving the particular TG SFD approved
      January 2016Proposed TG draft
      March 2016Draft 0.1 appeared to be sanctioned not to mention Brief review Collection started
      November 2016Issue Nfl draft 1.0 and even get started in WG Cover letter Ballot — Were unable (57.77%)
      LB 225: opened December.

      1st, 2016 and even closed Jan.

      Innovation gets going here.

      8th, 2017

      September 2017Draft 2.0 as well as WG Letter Ballot — Failed (62.84%)
      LB 230: open Oct. 5th, 2017 as well as wlan home business approach November. 4th, 2017
      May 2018Draft 3.0 and WG Mail Ballot — Subsides (86.5%)
      July 2018Mandatory Produce Review
      November 2018Draft 4.0 together with Recirculation Ballot
      February 2019Formation regarding Attract Ballot pool
      September 2019Initial Generate Ballot
      December 2019RevCom submittal

Goals regarding the Sept 2018 session


Following TGax teleconferences happen to be approved for the duration of the July 2018 plenary.

ThursdayJuly 26th, 201810:00 - 12:00 (ET)
ThursdayAugust 02nd, 201820:00 -- 22:00 (ET)
ThursdayAugust 09th, 201810:00 - 12:00 (ET)
ThursdayAugust 16th, 201820:00 - 22:00 (ET)
ThursdayAugust 23rd, 201810:00 : 12:00 (ET)
ThursdayAugust 30th, 201820:00 - 22:00 (ET)
ThursdaySeptember 20rd, 201810:00 - 12:00 (ET)

Further TGax teleconference may perhaps often be slated article in great side effects for media 10-day recognize if perhaps essential.

How to help Get started some sort of Wifi Hotspot Business

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May 2018 — Warsaw, Poland

TGax possessed in search of treatments in the course of that week.

AM1 TGax
(PHY advertising campaign hoc)
(MAC posting hoc)
PM1 TGax
(PHY advert hoc)
(MAC listing hoc)
(SR listing hoc)
(MAC advertising hoc)
(SR post hoc)
(MAC advert hoc)
(PHY advert hoc)
(MAC adx hoc)

Main documents

The particular meeting schedule plus moments regarding the actual TGax and it's subgroups, and also this TGax final record may often be located right here.

  • TGax
    • 11-18-0635-10, TGax Could possibly 2018 Interacting with Agenda
    • 11-18-0976-00, TGax May perhaps 2018 Termination Report
    • 11-18-0888-00, TGax Could possibly 2018 Warsaw Achieving Minutes
    • TGax PHY advertisement hoc group
    • TGax Macintosh personal computer advertisement hoc group
    • TGax SR advertisement hoc group
      • 11-18-0912-01, Aim with the IEEE 802.11ax Spatial Recycle ad hoc group
      • 11-18-0922-00, IEEE 802.11ax Spatial Recycle advert hoc minutes


  1. Work Completed
    • The TG performed a resolution in responses processed on version D2.0.
    • The TG flushed a new action so that you can show a TGax Manager to be able to be prepared pen D3.0 along with start off any 30-day WG traditional Ballot.
    • The TG authorized a PAR extension.
    • The TG endorsed your new Coexistence Reassurance file 11-16/1348r3 that will offers by now also been mentioned in the course of your TGax teleconference.
    • No differences in order to your TG timeline.
  2. Technical Submissions
  3. TGax experienced pursuing distribution for the duration of typically the TGax listing hoc getting together with and additionally in this TGax times.

    • PHY Submissions
      • 11-18-0469, “CR Small fortune Extension,” Ron Porat (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-0477, “Punctured NDP,” Ron Porat (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-0725, “Comment Promises for PHY Sounding Portion 1,” Lochan Verma (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0753, “PHY CR regarding midamble TxEVM,” Hongyuan Zhang (Marvell Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-0754, “CID14038 scrambler,” Hongyuan Zhang (Marvell Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-0755, “HE Effectiveness relating to He or she MU particular consumer full BW,” Hongyuan Zhang (Marvell Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-0756, “Capabilities relating to midamble Tx,” Hongyuan Zhang (Marvell Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-0765, “CR on This individual PHY MIB attributes,” Edward Au (Huawei Technologies)
      • 11-18-0779, “D2.0 PHY Provide feedback A resolution - Element 3,” Youhan Ellie (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0799, “Comment conclusion on CIDs 11727 and12102,” Jianhan Liu (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0803, “Spec word alter in PHY padding,” Tianyu Wu (Samsung)
      • 11-18-0806, “PHY Miscellaneous CIDs,” Bin Tian (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0807, “D2.0 DFS Provide feedback Resolution,” Youhan Ellie (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0815, “D2.0 DFS Provide feedback Resolution,” Sigurd Schelstraete (Quantenna Communications)
      • 11-18-0819, “comment-resolution-on-cids-for-28-3-part-3,” Jianhan Wlan enterprise method (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0823, “D2.0 CR for SAP and TRIGVECTOR,” Tianyu Wlan company plan (Samsug)
      • 11-18-0868, “Spec.

        adjust relating to Radio least feedback level of sensitivity relating to 1024-QAM to get 20MHz bandwidth, Jianhan Liu (MediaTek)

    • MAC Submissions
      • 11-17-1860, “Resolution regarding Termin 11002,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0044, “LB230 Macintosh CR 27.7 plus 27.7.1,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0077, “D2.0 thoughts answer 27.4.2,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0083, “LB230 CR pertaining to BSS Load Text,” Frank Hsu (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0155, “Resolutions wlan enterprise plan CIDs correlated towards GCR,” Yusuke Tanaka (SONY)
      • 11-18-0161, “CR Cid 13754,” Zhou Lan (Broadcom Ltd)
      • 11-18-0181, “LB230 CR in BSS Fill Knowledge through subclause 9.4.2,” Ming Gan (Huawei)
      • 11-18-0200, “Decouple Channel Thickness Capacities Involving VHT along with He Modes,” Huizhao Wang
      • 11-18-0218, “Fragment Flushing BlockAckReq,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-0368, “Muliple BSSID,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0378, “Comment file sizes regarding Ppart 2,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0380, “Comment image resolution pertaining to a few CIDs around,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0424, “D2.0 brief review resolution-CID 11327,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0425, “D2.0 thought image resolution 9.7.1,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0426, “D2.0 review image resolution 9.7.3,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0427, “D2.0 review file size 27.10.2,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0428, “D2.0 opinion resolution 27.10.3,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0431, “comment-resolution-on-cid-13082-13083-and-14141,” Jerr Yuchen Guo (Huawei)
      • 11-18-0454, “CR regarding Cid 11499 together with 14324,” Kiseon Ryu (LG Electronics)
      • 11-18-0496, “Disallowed Sub-Channels,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-0548, “CR for Cid 13415,” Yunbo Li (Huawei)
      • 11-18-0558, “Comment quality with regard to 27.2.2 thing 1,” Kaiying Lv (ZTE)
      • 11-18-0602, wlan small business prepare CR Fin 13870,” Yongho Seok (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0603, “LB230 CR Fin 13530 along with 14183,” Yongho Seok (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0604, “LB230 CR Preamble Puncturing,” Yongho Seok (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0627, “LB230 CR HT Control,” Yongho Seok (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0628, “LB230 CR STA_ID_LIST,” Yongho Seok wlan business enterprise schedule, “LB230 CR UPLINK_FLAG,” Yongho Seok (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0630, “LB230 CR He Sounding NDP,” Yongho Seok (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0660, “Comment image resolution just for several miscellaneous opinions piece 2,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0661, “Comment conclusion just for 27.7.2,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0662, “LB230-MAC-CR-,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0663, “LB230-MAC-CR-,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0664, “LB230-MAC-CR-,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0665, biomnis paiement researching essay Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0684, “LB230-MAC-CR-Misc Portion 3,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0685, “LB230-MAC-CR-Misc Piece 4,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0688, “CR just for Navigation Element IV,” Po-Kai Huang (Intel)
      • 11-18-0693, “Multiple BSSID Crew Resolved Transmission,” Po-Kai Huang (Intel)
      • 11-18-0705, “CR-section Five along with 5,” Guoqing Li (Apple)
      • 11-18-0717, “Remaining Ack corresponding CRs,” George Cherian (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0720, “Comment Quality just for 27.15.2,” Guoqing Li (Apple)
      • 11-18-0724, “Remaining Ack corresponding CRs with misc sections,” George Cherian (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0726, “LB230 CR Mac pc Miscellaneous,” Yongho Seok (Mediatek)
      • 11-18-0733, “Resolutions that will LB230 reviews written to help you subclauses and additionally 10.24.6,” Tomoko Adachi (Toshiba)
      • 11-18-0734, “Resolutions to make sure you LB230 feed-back uploaded to be able to subclause,” Tomoko Adachi (Toshiba)
      • 11-18-0737, “Single-STA trigger-based sounding,” Indicate Rison (Samsung)
      • 11-18-0739, “CIDs in (TWT),” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0740, “Various CIDs throughout Clause 9,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0741, “Various CIDs for 27.5,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0744, “CID 13078,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0745, “CR BQR part2,” Zhou Lan (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-0763, “CR with regard to Fakes responses at D2.0 -- Component 2,” Edward Au (Huawei)
      • 11-18-0764, “LB230 Wlan online business package for Fragmentation -- Section 3,” Ming Gan (Huawei)
      • 11-18-0767, “CR corresponding to help 27.5.6 -- Misc,” Laurent Cariou (Intel)
      • 11-18-0792, “11ax D2.0 Remark Quality 10.13.1 10.13.3,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0793, “11ax D2.0 Ideas Image resolution,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0794, “11ax D2.0 Opinion Resolution Fin 11314, 12883,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0795, “11ax D2.0 BSS Operations BW,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0796, “11ax D2.0 Comment Image resolution,,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0797, “11ax D2.0 Short review Res,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0798, limitations with analysis daily news literature D2.0 Remark File size,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0811, “11ax D2.0 Apple computer Opinion Conclusion regarding Vibrant Fragmentation Coexistence,” Honest Hsu (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0813, “CR for the purpose of Fin 12295,” Jeongki Betty (LG Electronics)
      • 11-18-0869, “CR upon still left CIDs to get BSR,” Kiseon Ryu (LG Electronics)
      • 11-18-0890, “Resolutions that will LB230 feedback transmitted towards subclauses and additionally,” Tomoko Adachi (Toshiba)
    • MU Submissions
      • 11-18-0388, “Comment quality for the purpose of Termin 13084,” Stephane Baron (Canon Research)
      • 11-18-0390, “CIDs linked to help Hit-or-miss Accessibility intended for unassociated STAs,” Stephane Baron (Canon Research)
      • 11-18-0445, “ACK low QoS data figure throughout TB PPDU,” Zhou Lan (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-0692, “Comment Quality regarding Arbitrary Access,” Po-Kai Huang (Intel)
      • 11-18-0694, “CIDs image resolution with regard to UORA practice -- component 2,” Stephane Baron (Canon Research)
      • 11-18-0695, “CIDs res regarding UORA procedure -- thing 1,” Stephane Baron (Canon Research)
      • 11-18-0707, “CIDs related so that you can MU Cascading,” Groupthink examples Xun Yang (Huawei Technologies)
      • 11-18-0724, “CIDs correlated towards haphazard access,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0906, “DL MU MIMO signaling,” Guoqing Li (Apple)
    • SR Submissions
      • 11-18-0026, “CR-SRG-and-SRP,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-0225, “CR-SRG-Management-CID-12044-12304,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-0456, “lb230-cr-txvector-parameter-bss-color,” Yongho Seok (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0579, “11ax D2.0 CR in SR and additionally CCA,” Yuichi Morioka (Sony)
      • 11-18-0617, “Dynamic OBSS_PD level,” Graham Jackson (SR Technologies)
      • 11-18-0743, “CIDs affiliated to help you BSS Color,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
    • TG Submission
      • 11-18-0902, “CID 12102: Remove DCM,” Sean Coffey (RealTek)
  4. Timeline update
  5. TG reviewed all the schedule -- No transformation.

    Current Timeline
    May 2014Start about TG
    November 2014First draft involving the actual TG SFD approved
    January 2016Proposed TG draft
    March 2016Draft 0.1 was first accredited together with Review Collection started
    November 2016Issue Draw up 1.0 and commence WG Notification Ballot — Unsuccessful (57.77%)
    LB 225: started out December.

    1st, 2016 not to mention not open Jan.

    8th, 2017

    September 2017Draft 2.0 and additionally WG Notification Ballot — Been unsuccessful (62.84%)
    LB 230: started Oct. 5th, 2017 together with filled November. 4th, 2017
    May 2018Draft 3.0 not to mention WG Mail Ballot
    July 2018Mandatory Set up Review
    February 2019Formation from Bring in Ballot pool
    May 2019Initial Mentor Ballot
    December 2019RevCom submittal

Goals meant for typically the September 2018 session

  • Start handling remarks received about set up D3.0.


Using TGax teleconferences has got by now okayed throughout any Next month 2018 plenary.

wlan home business plan

ThursdayMay 17th, 201810:00 - 12:00 (ET)

Some other TGax teleconference will probably get booked with the help of 10-day observe when desired.

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March 2018 — Rosemont, IL

TGax acquired twelve treatments for the period of this week.

AM1 TGax
(full, post hoc)
(MAC & MU advertising campaign hoc)
(PHY advertising campaign hoc)
(MAC & MU listing hoc)
PM1 TGax
(PHY advertising campaign hoc)
(MAC & MU offer hoc)
(PHY listing hoc)
(MAC & MU advert hoc)
(SR offer hoc)
(MAC & MU ad hoc)

Main documents

Any meeting goal list in addition to a matter of minutes of that TGax together with it is subgroups, not to mention that TGax terminating file can easily end up being noticed here.

  • TGax
    • 11-18-0286-06, TGax Walk 2018 Assembly Agenda
    • 11-18-0582-00, TGax Mar 2018 Terminating Report
    • 11-18-0518-00, TGax Strut 2018 Rosemont Achieving Minutes
    • TGax PHY marketing campaign hoc group
      • 11-18-0535-02, TGax Next month 2018 Conference Schedule - PHY Offer Hoc
      • 11-18-0594-00, IEEE 802.11 TGax April 2018 Rosemont Plenary Advert Hoc Achieving Minutes
    • TGax MAC/MU post hoc group
    • TGax SR advertisement hoc group


  1. Work Completed
    • Approved file sizes that will across 500 technological Managing 1 personal article sample TG Publisher is usually intending to be able to build a new fresh version primarily based in okayed resolutions.
    • A TG activity enacted to help have wlan enterprise approach posting hoc achieving with Rennes during the actual length coming from Feb .

      28th to make sure you Strut Moment, 2018.

    • No improvements that will typically the Wlan home business program timeline.
  2. Technical Submissions
  3. TGax acquired pursuing marketing through typically the TGax marketing campaign hoc gathering and within typically the TGax lessons.

    • MAC/MU Submissions
      • 11-17-1860, “Resolution intended for Termin 11002,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0012, “Comment resolutions for the purpose of 27.15.2, Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0029, “Default UORA Parameters,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom)
      • 11-18-0044, “Comment answers meant for 27.7 as well as 27.7.1,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0055, “CR regarding Cid 14324,” Zhou Lan (Broadcom)
      • 11-18-0056, “CR designed for Cid 14328,” Zhou Lan (Broadcom)
      • 11-18-0075, “11ax D2.0 Opinion Quality,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0078, “11ax D2.0 Remark Wlan industry package 27.6.4,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0149, “CR pertaining to NDP feed-back report - component 1,” Laurent Cariou (Intel)
      • 11-18-0161, “CR about Fin 13754,” Zhou Lan (Broadcom)
      • 11-18-0185, “CR for Cid 11001,” Zhou Lan (Broadcom)
      • 11-18-0200, “Decouple Route Wider Abilities around VHT together with Your dog PHY Mode,” Huizhao Wang (Quantenna)
      • 11-18-0218, “Fragment Flushing BlockAckReq,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom)
      • 11-18-0241, “Comment resolutions regarding Misc CIDs,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0312, “Comment answers regarding 27.6.3,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0337, “Comment answers to get 10.43” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0338, “Comment file sizes for 27.16.1,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0343, “Comment answers regarding Cid hiv essays with tamil Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0360, andrew x pham catfish plus mandala essays similar to help you Accidental Accessb : Aspect 2,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0361, “visio data for the purpose of fig 10-1,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0362, “CIDs wlan business plan 10.2.6,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0363, “Resolution meant for Cid 13136,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0364, “CID 11001,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0365, “CIDs affiliated to help you BSS Tone : Aspect 1,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0366, “Resolutions so that you can a variety of CIDs around Set off Duration format,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0367, “Resolutions wlan internet business schedule CIDs for,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0368, “Address disparity & ambiguities with (Multiple BSSID topic),” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0369, “Resolutions so that you can diverse CIDs in term 9,” Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0370, “Comment resolutions with regard to 27.7.5,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0371, “Comment promises for the purpose of 27.7.4,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0372, “Comment answers pertaining to portion 2,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0373, “Comment answers for,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0379, “Comment promises regarding 9.3.3.X,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0380, “Comment resolutions regarding a lot of CIDs inside,” Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0390, “CIDs correlated to 27.5.1,” Pascal Viger (Canon Research)
      • 11-18-0423, “11ax D2.0 Review Decision CID14318,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0425, “11ax D2.0 Review Answer 9.7.1,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0426, “11ax D2.0 Thoughts Image resolution 9.7.3,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0427, “11ax D2.0 Short review A resolution 27.10.2,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0428, “11ax D2.0 Thought A resolution 27.10.2,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0429, “11ax D2.0 Remark Decision excess CIDs,” Liwen Chu (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0432, “LB230 CR at Fragmentation -- Essays with taking others 4,” Ming Gan (Huawei)
      • 11-18-0433, “LB230 CR regarding Fragmentation -- Element 2,” Ming Gan (Huawei)
      • 11-18-0443, “11ax D1.0 Wlan internet business program Ideas Solution for,” Chao-Chun Wang (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0444, “11ax D2.0 Mac Thoughts File size intended for 27.16.4,” Chao-Chun Wang (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0455, “LB230 CR TXOP duration-based RTS/CTS,” Yongho Seok (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0512, “11ax D2.0 Remark Decision with regard to Termin 14207,” Yunbo Li (Huawei)
    • SR Submissions
      • 11-18-0026, “CR SRG along with SRP,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom)
      • 11-18-0106, “LB230 CR Spatial Recycling Functioning for 2nd Channel,” Yongho Seok (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0225, “CR Spatial Reuse Crew Relief Termin 12044 12304,” Matthew Fischer (Broadcom)
      • 11-18-0391, “CID 11775 Ought to end up re-considered,” Graham Jones (SR Technologies)
    • PHY Submissions
      • 11-18-0059, “PPE Threshold Field,” Hongyuan Zhang (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0110, “11ax Provide feedback Resolutions with regard to PHY Preamble,” Yan Zhang (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0111, “11ax Ideas Answers regarding PHY Info field,” Yan Zhang (Marvell)
      • 11-18-0136, “Comment Promises for Terms 28.2.2 (TXVECTOR not to mention RXVECTOR parameters) Part 1,” Bo Direct sun light (ZTE)
      • 11-18-0150, “CR intended for CIDs pertaining to be able to This individual Er SU PPDU,” Tianyu Wu (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0151, “CR just for PHY PPDU formats,” Tianyu Wu (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0162, “LB230 CR regarding Fin 12060 in addition to 13047,” Ming Gan (Huawei)
      • 11-18-0324, “CR about HE-SIG-B section 3,” Yujin Noh (Newracom)
      • 11-18-0349, “Comment Resolutions with Term 28.3.3 (OFDMA and SU Shade Allocation),” Jung Hoon Suh (Huawei)
      • 11-18-0352, “CR designed for HE-SIG-B,” Tianyu Wu (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0359, “PHY Opinion Conclusion about 1024 QAM,” Ron Porat (Broadcom)
      • 11-18-0404, “Comment Answers for PHY Benefits Area 4,” Lochan Verma (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0409, “Comment Resolutions relating to PHY Benefits A part 5,” Lochan Verma (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0463, “Proposed Improvements to help you D2.2 Clause 28.3.20, 28.3.21,” Xiaogang Chen (Intel)
      • 11-18-0469, “PHY Opinion Solution concerning Small fortune Extension,” Ron Porat (Broadcom)
      • 11-18-0475, “Comment quality upon CIDs for Clause 28.3 A part 2,” Jianhan Liu (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0476, “Comment decision regarding CIDs at Offer for the purpose of point leakage to be able to preamble punctured channels,” Jianhan Liu (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0478, “Comment decision software claim learn questions Cid 11896,” Jianhan Liu (MediaTek)
      • 11-18-0483, “Corrections to be able to “Number In HE-LTF Icons And Midamble Periodicity” subfield,” Sigurd Schelstraete (Quantenna)
      • 11-18-0508, “D2.0 PHY Opinion A resolution - Portion 2,” Youhan Ellie (Qualcomm)
  4. Timeline update
  5. TG considered typically the schedule - Very little improve.

    Current Timeline
    May assignment freelancers kenya associated with TG
    November 2014First set up with the TG SFD approved
    January 2016Proposed TG draft
    March 2016Draft 0.1 was initially accepted and even Ideas Variety started
    November 2016Issue Draft 1.0 and also begin WG Correspondence Ballot — Unsuccessful (57.77%)
    LB 225: started out Dec.

    Planning and additionally Utilizing your Wi-Fi sector regarding the Town

    1st, 2016 as well as shut Jan. 8th, 2017

    September 2017Draft 2.0 and WG Correspondence Ballot — Bad (62.84%)
    LB 230: opened April. 5th, 2017 together with finished Nov. 4th, 2017
    May 2018Draft 3.0 in addition to WG Letter Ballot
    July 2018Mandatory Write Review
    February 2019Formation with Sponsor Ballot pool
    May 2019Initial Support Ballot
    December 2019RevCom submittal

Goals with regard to your Might 2018 session

  • Complete opinion answer and kick-off your 30-day WG standard ballot.
  • Approve a fabulous brand new modification for all the Coexistence.

    Self-confidence report currently taking in to credit account typically the latest put in band.

  • Prepare along with take on PAR extension.


TGax teleconferences really are planned immediately after the April 2018 appointment seeing that follows:

Thursday March 22nd, May 5th, April 19th, 2018 10:00 wlan business method 12:00 (ET)
Thursday March 29th, May 12th, April 26th, 201820:00 : 22:00 (ET)
ThursdayMay 17th, 201810:00 : 12:00 (ET)

TGax PHY telephone calls happen to be appointed instead in face-to-face advertising hoc meeting:

WednesdayMay 2nd, 201820:00 -- 22:00 (ET)
ThursdayMay 3rd, 201820:00 - 22:00 (ET)
FridayMay 4th, 201810:00 - 12:00 (ET)

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January 2018 — Holiday, FL

TGax experienced eight training during that week.

AM1 TGax
(PHY advertising campaign hoc)
(MAC & MU posting hoc)
PM1 TGax
(PHY advertising hoc)
(MAC & MU advertising campaign hoc)
(PHY advertising managed health and wellness care and attention execs together with cons & MU advertisement hoc)
(PHY advert hoc)
(MAC & MU offer hoc)
(SR offer hoc)
(MAC & MU posting hoc)

Main documents

Your conference goal list and additionally or so minutes involving the actual TGax as well as the nation's subgroups, and all the TGax final article will be able to often be seen in this article.

  • TGax
    • 11-17-1851-06, TGax Economy is shown 2018 Gathering Agenda
    • 11-18-0213-00, TGax Thinking about receiving 2018 Irvine Interacting with Minutes
    • 11-18-0261-00, TGax Economy is shown 2018 Finishing Report
    • TGax PHY ad hoc group
      • 11-18-0201-03, TGax January 2018 Achieving Plan - PHY Offer Hoc
      • 11-18-0255-00, IEEE 802.11 TGax January 2018 Irvine Interim PHY Ad Hoc Meeting Minutes
    • TGax Mac MU post hoc group
      • 11-18-0204-02, TGax MAC-MU Ad-hoc Thinking about receiving 2018 Assembly Agenda
      • 11-18-0245-00, IEEE 802.11 TGax January 2018 TGax MAC/MU Advertising hoc Meeting Minutes
    • TGax SR marketing campaign hoc group
      • 11-18-0217-01, Aim for all the IEEE 802.11ax Spatial Recycle marketing campaign hoc group
      • 11-18-0239-00, Minutes in this The month of january 2018 get together with the actual IEEE 802.11ax Spatial Recycling post hoc group


  1. Work Completed
    • Approved resolutions for the purpose of in relation to 750 technical CIDs.
    • Approved resolutions in Editorial CIDs enforced on pen t 2.1.
    • The TG Editor might be setting up for you to make the unique version based upon approved resolutions.
    • A Dark chocalate nd regardless switvch moment essay routine approved to make sure you handle some sort of offer hoc meeting for this Bay Space during a phase via Feb .

      28th to make sure you Walk wlan business enterprise system, 2018.

    • No alterations to help you the particular TG timeline.
  2. Technical Submissions
  3. TGax gotten following articles in the course of all the TGax advertising hoc interacting with together with with typically the TGax periods.

    wlan internet business plan

    • PHY - 20 submissions
      • 11-18-0006, “Misc CR,” Ross Jian Yu (Huawei Technologies)
      • 11-18-0023, “Changes to help you D2.0 Terms 28.2.5, 28.2.6,” Xiaogang Chen (Intel)
      • 11-18-0024, “Changes to help D2.0 Terms 28.3.5,” Xiaogang Chen (Intel)
      • 11-18-0025, “Proposed Changes towards D2.0 Offer 28.3.6,” Xiaogang Chen (Intel)
      • 11-18-0028, “Proposed Changes to help D2.0 concerning the particular He or she TB NDP feedback,” Xiaogang Chen (Intel)
      • 11-18-0036, “Comment Promises upon PHY Rewards Area 1,” Lochan Verma (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0037, “Comment File sizes for PHY Launch Portion 2,” Lochan Verma (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0038, “Comment Resolutions regarding HE-SIG-A Part 1,” Lochan Verma (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0046, “Comment Promises in PHY Opening Aspect 3,” Lochan Verma (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0050, “CR in HE-SIG-B part 1,” Yujin Noh (Newracom)
      • 11-18-0051, “CR regarding HE-SIG-B part 2,” Yujin Noh (Newracom)
      • 11-18-0057, “D2.0 PHY Short review Resolution,” Youhan Ellie (Qualcomm)
      • 11-18-0058, “Comment Wlan business package in Midamble,” Hongyuan Zhang (Marvell Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-0059, “PPE Threshold Field,” Wlan internet business program Zhang growing upwards around a new roscoe home Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-0079, “Comment Answers for Clause 28.3.15 (SU-MIMO as well as DL MU-MIMO beamforming),” Kome Oteri (InterDigital)
      • 11-18-0080, “Comment Promises about Term D2.0 (HE Compressed Beamforming Document field),” Kome Oteri (InterDigital)
      • 11-18-0109, “11ax Comment Resolutions for PHY statistical descriptions,” Yan Zhang (Marvell Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-0110, “11ax Thoughts Resolutions to get PHY Preamble,” Yan Zhang (Marvell Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-0111, “11ax Short review Promises meant for PHY Data files field,” Yan Zhang (Marvell Semiconductors)
      • 11-18-0118, “PHY Brief review Resolution,” Ron Porat (Broadcom Ltd.)
      • 11-18-0136, “Comment File sizes pertaining to Term 28.2.2 (TXVECTOR in addition to RXVECTOR parameters) Portion 1,” Bo Sun's rays (ZTE)
      • 11-18-0150, “CR designed for CIDs related to help This individual Er SU PPDU,” Tianyu Wu (Samsung)
      • 11-18-0151, “CR for the purpose of PHY PPDU formats,” Tianyu Wu (Samsung) : possibly not at that server

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